The Studio Wolle story started in 2019 with Lara’s desire to produce hand made objects from natural materials. For Lara, wool is a passion and here in the Studio we want to celebrate the wonderful resources we have around us and connect us more to the everyday objects in our lives.

“I want to create pieces that help you to express individuality and enjoy more everyday moments.”


Here at Studio Wolle we love simplicity, we aim to make versatile and functional products for everyday use. Taking things back to the basics, sourcing quality materials and utilising simple design. You can read more about our materials below.


All of our products are made by hand in the Kent studio by Lara and 1 extra pair of hands, with a core focus on thoughtful design, simplicity, joyful colour and functionality. We aim to produce products which are built to last that have been made at a slow pace with great attention to detail. 


Joy is at the heart of everything here at Studio Wolle - we aim to create products which inspire and invoke joy in everyday life.

 “As a designer i love the process of weaving cloth, the process of using my hands to craft something has helped me immensely with my mental health and i want to help other people find that same joy - i love to make things which make people happy.’’